Family Vehicle Savings: Highlander and Yaris

By: Quesnel Toyota   |   23 May 2018
White 2017 Toyota Highlander driving in the BC mountains

It seems like an odd combination, a larger Highlander and the Toyota Yaris, and that’s completely true! Luckily, most of our shoppers only drive one vehicle at any given moment, and each of these vehicles is designed with different priorities in mind. If you’re looking for a new vehicle to suit your family, look no further than some of our biggest deals on 2017 clearout models, the Highlander and Yaris.

Highlander for Family Life in BC

When we have families come to us looking for a vehicle that can fit every piece of sports equipment and carpool member under the sun, the Highlander immediately comes to mind. It is classed as a mid-size SUV and is a long-standing piece of the Toyota lineup. It has room for 8 passengers and tons of cargo space: 13.8 cubic feet. The trunk area sits behind third-row foldable seats that are truly comfortable. Right now, we’re on our final unit: a 2017 Highlander Limited V6. It’s easy to toss groceries in the back with a low lift into the trunk area, and easy to get up to highway speeds without burning too much gas. Best of all, the Highlander is packed with Safety Sense safety features and media controls. If you’re going to be behind the wheel, make it comfortable in a Highlander.



Even the Yaris is a Family Car

They’re small, they’re mighty, and we have two left! When the Yaris was launched, it quickly became one of the best-selling compact cars in the world. The Yaris has seating for five, with a surprising amount of power and trunk space. You won’t fit the whole football team, but you can fit a family of five or four and the family pet!

Our two in-stock units have keyless entry to make your life easier. Behind the wheel, you’ll find tech like Bluetooth, navigation, and Toyota Safety Sense. With all the power features you need, such as power mirrors, locks, and steering, you won’t miss a beat. The interior of the units we have left is sleek and polished, with an impressive steering column and posh material finishes. We have SE and LE models left, we have options.

The Best Warranty in The Business

One of the reasons that people keep coming back for Toyotas time and time again is because they last. Thanks to quality construction, trustworthy OEM parts, and a warranty that provides peace of mind, nobody builds vehicles like Toyota.

New Toyota units, such as our remaining 2017s, are backed by a 3-year 60,000 KM basic complete vehicle warranty, a year 5-year 100,000 KM powertrain warranty, and an 8-year 160,000 KM hybrid component warranty. We also offer 24-hour roadside assistance and an impeccable parts and service department that has your best interests in mind.

Ready to get into a spacious SUV or fuel-efficient car for your family? Shop our remaining 2017s for the best deals in Quesnel.

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