How to Camp in Your Toyota Tacoma

By: Quesnel Toyota   |   05 Jul 2021

Many of you know about the #vanlife when it comes to converting your vehicle into a sustainable camper. But what about the #trucklife? As it turns out, pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma make for excellent camper conversions without the need to purchase and install an external tent or expensive truck bed camper. As long as you have your truck bed topper or camper shell installed, it’s fairly easy (and affordable) to convert your Tacoma into a comfortable home away from home as you explore the great outdoors!

By securely installing two full-length storage drawers that rest underneath your bed platform, you can maximize space for a comfortable night's sleep that has the capacity to fit up to two people. And since the Tacoma has an impressive towing capacity of 6,800 lbs. with a maximum payload of 1,685 ft.-lbs., you should have no issues with exceeding your truck’s weight limits! Add an inexpensive mattress on top, a few curtains, and you are good to go! Read on for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Tacoma camping experience, and check out the videos from real-life Tacoma camping experts to get a visual of the potential!

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Tips and Tricks for Truck Conversion

Plan before you build. The process of completing this type of truck bed conversion is relatively simple and shouldn't take you longer than a couple of days - if you create a proper game plan, that is. Planning the build is the most important part. You want to be sure your measurements are precise so that you create enough space for your supplies and ensure your sleeping quarters have a sufficient amount of room to rest comfortably.

Organization is key. It’s essential that you organize where exactly your belongings will go before starting the build. We recommend testing out the storage drawers before installing them into the bed to see how much they can hold.

Storage drawers must be robust. Once your drawer frame is fully installed, it's crucial that your storage drawers are heavily bolted to hold the liner in place. The last thing you want is for the drawers to fall out while your Tacoma is busy handling rugged terrain! It would also be wise to include a lock on your drawers just in case.

Maximize space wherever you can. You want to ensure you have enough storage space for your belongings throughout your Tacoma. When determining the dimensions for your mattress, choose ones that are a little less than the entire width of your truck bed so you can create some "cubby" space along the sides for personal belongings that can be easily accessible. Some campers choose to tuck their portable stoves here, while others prefer to install one directly into one of the storage drawers. Either way, planning to include a couple of nooks and crannies will be super helpful in the long run.

Consider the weather. We recommend that you avoid using memory foam for your mattress as this material has a tendency to freeze during the winter months. It would be beneficial to install mosquito netting along the windows for the summer months so you can enjoy the cool night air without annoying bugs in your ear. If the inside of your bed shell is already lined with a felt material, a great hack is to attach the netting using velcro! 

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So there you have it! Excited to explore the #trucklife and all that our great nation has to offer? Browse our inventory of Toyota pickup trucks like the Tacoma today! Any of our reps would be happy to set up a test drive and provide more information about truck camper conversions! Still have questions about parts and accessories for camping in your Tacoma? Our Parts Department will be happy to suggest and order anything you need!

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