The Best Toyota Tacoma Accessories That You Didn't Know Existed

By: Quesnel Toyota   |   26 Jan 2022

Being a pickup truck owner is about more than just the rugged, powerful specs. It's a lifestyle all its own that you can take pride in. And if your preferred pickup happens to be the Toyota Tacoma, there's no shortage of ways for you to give it a personalised touch while getting some extra functionality out of your ride. From glove box organisers and custom floor mats to walkabout camper tents, here are some of the best Tacoma accessories you never knew you needed until now!

NOCO Boost Plus Portable Battery Jump Starter

The last thing you need as you get ready to embark upon an off-roading adventure is a dead battery. If you’ve ever accidentally drained your battery, you know how handy a portable battery charger can be. The NOCO Boost Plus unit is designed for engines up to 6 litres in size, so the Tacoma works with plenty of room to spare. You can get up to 20 jump starts on a single charge from this 1000-amp device. It safely connects to any 12-volt automotive battery and features an LED flashlight and connections to recharge your mobile devices.

Toyota TRD Pro Front Skid Plate

One of the best parts of owning a Tacoma is experiencing its TRD off-roading capabilities. The get the most out of these features, check out the Toyota TRD Pro Front Skid Plate. Designed and built specifically for your Tacoma by Toyota experts, this skid plate is made to last the life of your vehicle while adding security and confidence for serious off-road use. Genuine OEM quality materials and precise fitment ensure maximum protection for your Tacoma without blocking or messing with the cooling system like most generic brands do.

WeatherTech FloorLiner Floor Mats

WeatherTech Floorliners are an industry favourite among Taco owners. In fact, WeatherTech uses digital laser measurements to precisely map out the floor of the Tacoma and create floor mats that fit perfectly. You’ll get the most coverage over any other brand since the front mats cover nearly the whole wall of the centre console “hump” and cover about half of the plastic door sills on the opposite end. Plus, they also feature a recessed area on the mat near the seat, which helps any spilled water flow down under your legs and away from your feet.

23ZERO Walkabout 56 Annex

Take your camping expeditions to the next level with the 23ZERO Walkabout. This series of truck campers comes in four different sizes, ranging from a double bed (the 56 here) to a colossal 87-inch-wide model for larger groups. All models feature comfortable mattresses, weighted doors to reduce flapping in the wind, and light suppression technology that blocks out sunlight – a level of protection usually only found in hard shells. The Walkabout 56 is a reliable and 4-season-ready rooftop tent that’s built to handle just about anything you (or Mother Nature) throws its way.

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