CPO vs. Used: Which Car Option Offers the Best Value?

By: Quesnel Toyota   |   30 Jun 2023

When purchasing a vehicle, there are various options available to buyers. One of the most common questions is whether to buy a certified pre-owned or a used car. While the two may seem similar at first glance, some key differences exist. In this article, we will look at the differences between certified pre-owned and used cars. 

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

A certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a used car inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer or a dealership. Vehicles in the Toyota Certified Used Program must meet specific certification criteria, including age and mileage limits, condition requirements, and a detailed inspection process. These cars often have extended warranties and additional perks, such as roadside assistance and maintenance plans.

  • Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

One of the main benefits of buying a CPO car is the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that the car has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished. CPO cars often come with extended warranties and other perks, providing added protection and saving buyers money on repairs.

Another benefit of buying a CPO car is that they are often in better condition than regular used cars. The inspection process that CPO cars go through ensures that they are in good working order and that any necessary repairs or maintenance have been done before the car is sold.

  • Drawbacks of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

While buying a CPO car can be a good option for some buyers, a regular used car might be a  better option for you. For one, CPO cars are often more expensive than regular used cars. This is due to the added benefits and protections that come with a CPO car, as well as the cost of the inspection and refurbishing process.

What Is a Used Car?

A used car is any car that has been previously owned and is being sold by a private individual or a dealership. Used cars come in various conditions, ranging from good to poor, and may or may not have undergone any inspection or refurbishing process.

  • Benefits of Buying a Used Car

One of the main benefits of buying a used Toyota small car is that they are often much cheaper than CPO cars. Used cars also come in a wider variety of makes and models, making it easier for buyers to find the exact car they want.

Another benefit of buying a used car is no age or mileage limits. This means that buyers can find several years old with high mileage cars, which can be a good option for those on a tight budget.

  • Drawbacks of Buying a Used Car

One of the main drawbacks of buying a used car is that the condition can be unknown. Unlike CPO cars, which must meet specific requirements and undergo an inspection process, used cars may have hidden problems that the seller is unaware of or not disclosing.

Another drawback of buying a used car is that no added benefits or protections exist. Used cars do not come with extended warranties or other perks, which means that buyers are responsible for any repairs or maintenance that may be needed.

Which Option Is Right for You?

Deciding between a CPO and a used car depends on your needs and preferences. If you value peace of mind and are willing to pay extra for added protections and benefits, a CPO car may be the right choice. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and are willing to take on a little more risk, a used car may be a better option.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is essential to do your research and shop around before making a purchase. Take the time to research different makes and models, compare prices, and ask plenty of questions before making a final decision. Here at Quesnel Toyota, we’d be happy to assist you in finding the right used car for your budget.

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A variety of options is available when it comes to buying a car from Toyota dealerships. Certified pre-owned and used cars are two popular choices, each with benefits and drawbacks. By understanding the differences between the two, you can make an informed decision and choose the correct option.


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